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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 20, 2016 8:00am-8:30am PST

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been avoided. >> for the first time in six years las vegas opens up a brand new casino we give you a sneak peek from their grand opening... >> also rain may be headed to the valley. katie boer tells you what you need to know for the week 8 news now weekend edition starts right now.. /// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((nia wong)) >> here on the valley's news leader. i'm nia wong. this morning...we're following the investigation of an overnight car crash which left one person dead near the rio hotel and casino. metro says last night...a white s-u-v struck a man who was jaywalking on the intersection of valley view and viking road. the pedestrian is said to be in his 30's. he was transported to u-m-c but later died. investigators tell us the driver cooperated with police....and they don't suspect the driver
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((nia wong)) and the n-t-s-b and f-a-a are still trying to figure out what caused friday night's plane crash in elko. the air ambulance crashed shortly after takeoff friday night..killing all four people on board. the plane reportedly was taking a heart transplant patient to the university of utah.// ((nia wong)) and major traffic at the airport connector this weekend. on friday night...th2 215 closed in both directions at the airport connector so crews can install parts of a flyover off-ramp over th the closures are going to be in effect until 5 tomorrow morning./// ((nia wong)) expect cool temperatures for your thanksgiving week. katie boer has your weather now forecast. ((katie boer)) >> good sunday morning! feeling a lot more like fall with our cooler temperatures and added clouds to the mix today. we have a bit more activity on the way heading into early next week too. ............... your day planner shows mostly cloudy skies through the day with a 30-40% chance of showers arriving after 4pm sunday. by 3pm temperatures climb all the way to the upper 60s. ...............
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southern nevada -- we'll talk about rain chances on the way in my extended forecast./// ((nia wong)) the newest addition to the las vegas strip is now open for the lucky dragon opened it's doors yesterday. it's located on sahara just west of las vegas blvd. and features 200 rooms and a 27- thousand square foot casino floor. hotel officials say they want to be the most authentic asian cultural and gaming experience you can find on the strip. according to the hotel's website... a single king room will set you back 499- dollars./// ((nia wong)) world series champion and las vegas local kris bryant will
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bryant will hold a meet and greet at champs... inside the fashion show mall. the athlete received the m-v-p award.....a year after winning rookie of the year. today's event is happening between four and 6-pm. you can expect bryant to return to the valley again soon. he and the chicago cubs will be back for spring training here in las vegas.. march 25th and 26th at cashman field./// ((nia wong)) coming up on 8 news now... we've got developing news coming out of india this morning. hundreds are dead after a train northern region. and president elect donald trump is demanding an apology from the cast of one of the most popular shows on broadway.... those stories and more...right after this break./// "you're watching the valley's news leader...with nia
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welcome back to the valley's news leader... more than a hundred people are dead after a train derailed in northern india. rescuers in uttar pradesh state are searching through the wreckage for survivors. an official tells c-n-n news 18 up to seventy people could still be trapped in the rail cars. more than 150 passengers are reportedly hurt, with 40 of them suffering serious injuries. ((nia wong)) from the television screen to pages of her book-- en many throughout her career. the 61 year old journalist died monday-- of endometrial cancer. thousands filled the metropolitan a-m-e church to remember and celebrate the host of washington week-- and p-b-s news-hour. ifill was one of the most prominent journalists in the country....breaki ng down barriers as a black female reporter and political moderator.// ((nia wong)) it's been a busy weekend for president-elect donald trump and his transition team. trump held a series of meetings with potential cabinet
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his golf club in new jersey. mitt romney who once called trump a "con man" and a "phoney" was among the invited guests. romney said they had a far reaching conversation about america's global interests. trump also held sit downs with candidates for secretary of defense, and secretary of education./// ((nia wong)) meanwhile donald trump is demanding an apology from the cast of the musical hamilton.. a cast member directly addressed the vice president elect after pence attended a performance of the hit show this weekend. (("we are the diverse america who are alarmed and administration will not protect us" "but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values, and work on behalf of all of us" )) ((nia wong)) >> actor brandon dixon - plays the nation's third vice president, aaron burr in hamilton-. dixon read a message directly addressed to pence during curtain call for the new york performance . in it, he thanked the vice president elect for attending the show and urged him to uphold american values.
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trump took to twitter saying the cast was very rude and harassed his v-p elect. this morning pence will john dickerson on "face the nation" .. many are speculating that he will comment on the incident./// ((nia wong)) weather forecasts across the country are getting a major upgrade. coming up on the valley's news leader... the billion dollar project heading to space that will help forecasters provide more accurate reports.. (( ((katie boer)) >> i'm tracking rain chances ahead for this afternoon and monday... plus what you can expect for your thanksgiving forecast...coming up.///)) "n
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((nia wong)) weather reports are forecasted to get an upgrade. the first of a new generation of powerful weather satellites in the goes family took off from cape canaveral yesterday. the goes-r satellite is the first member of the new generation launched in a eleven billion-dollar upgrade to the national fleet of forecasting and weather observation n-o-a-a program director greg mandt says the improvements are like 'going from black and white television to hdtv' for weather forecasters./// ((nia wong)) over here in the valley. cooler weather is here to least through the thanksgiving holiday. katie boer can tell you what to expect. (( )) ((katie boer)) >> good sunday morning! i'm tracking rain chances returning back to the mix later today and tomorrow. let's start with a look at our east pacific satellite. we have a little
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................. a pacific storm system will move across the region sunday through monday night. precipitation chances will spread into mainly the sierra by sunday afternoon and across the rest of the area sunday night and monday. some showers may linger in eastern portions of lincoln and mohave counties monday night. conditions and near normal temperatures are expected for the remainder of next week. southwest flow will be over the area this morning as a pacific trough approaches the california coast. some mid and high level moisture will continue to spread across portions of the area as this
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disturbance out ahead of the main trough moving north out of baja and through far southern california. .................... futurecast shows this first disturbance could bring just enough moisture for a slight chance of high elevation showers or sprinkles sunday across eastern san bernardino, clark, mohave and lincoln counties. areas of northern nevada could see some decent snow chances ahead. ................. our weather headlines show limited rain amounts expected likely with this next system. sunny and drier conditions expected by tuesday. looking be back to sunny and nice conditions. ................. today look for a chance of rain beginning after 4pm. highs in the upper 60s. tonight our lows drop to the low 50s with mostly cloudy skies. ................. your 7-day forecast keeps our rain chance to primarily sunday night into monday morning.... drier for the rest of the week... with more sunshine on the way leading up to thanksgiving. for thanksgiving look for temperatures in the upper 60s d sunny se/ nia wong)) if yo
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((nia wong)) welcome back to the valley's news leader... the world's most beloved rodent is turning 88 years old.
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parades and parties at all their disney theme parks around the globe to celebrate mickey mouse's birthday. the disney icon debuted 88 years ago with his first appearance as steamboat willie. you can use the hashtag happy birthday mickey on twitter to join the celebration. ((nia wong)) and disney world revealed its first drones holiday light show over it's disney springs entertainment complex. 3-hundred drones will fly over water, creating holiday-themed shapes synchonized to holiday music. the five-minute "starbright holidays" show is expected to run at least thru the end of the year./// ((nia wong)) the valley and across the nation came together to help those in need this holiday season. the convoy of hope along with the champion center hosted it's 3rd annual help for homeless event. a free holiday turkey was given to the first 25 hundred families--- and many others received bags of groceries along with an early thanksgiving meal. one of the pastors at the champion center says the event seems to grow bigger each year--- ((randall araujo: champion center pastor " do something. we all have something give. we've all been given so we should give back. we should show the same love
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)) ((nia wong)) >> organizers say they hope to beat last year's record of serving 10 thousand people--- and have already started planning next year's event./// ((nia wong)) music superstar bruno mars is he'll be on 60 minutes today... . where he shows us how created his hit single 24 karat magic and a look inside his childhood home (( this was you're house bruno mars: yea they lived here for more than two years bruno mars: just so people don't look at us crazy it did not look like this! bruno mars: but the bed would be and you all would sleep in one bed bruno mars: and we'd all sleep in one bed happy memories? bruno mars: the best. )) ((nia wong)) >> mars will be perfoming here in las vegas at the t-mobile arena on july 15 for . tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. you can go to t-mobile arena dot com. and the exclusive interview will be airing on 60 minutes here on channel 8 at four o'clock./// ((nia wong)) >> that's all the time we have for 8
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," auditions for key roles in the trump administration and democrats look for a new way forward. president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence hunkered down this weekend to interview cab dates for top positions in their new administration. >> we're seeing tremendous talent, people that, as i we will make america great again. >> dickerson: but will they? not everyone is so sure. friday night mr. pence received an unexpected message while attending a performance of the music hamilton. >> we, sir, we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> dickerson: we'll talk to vice president-elect pence about that and get an update on mr. trump's cabinet pick. kentucky senator rand paul is


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